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Launch IT @ Home is your trusted partner in scaling IT support for your home. We understand that technology can be overwhelming, which is why we’re dedicated to simplifying IT for our residential clients. Our team is committed to providing clear, understandable solutions that empower you to

Manage your home’s technology with confidence.

This version emphasizes the approachability and clarity of IT support for individual homeowners, aligning with the aim to bridge the gap between technical experts and everyday users. If you need further customization or have specific points you’d like to include, feel free to let me know!

How can your home based Business be Better?

Home-based businesses need robust security and reliable backups to safeguard their operations. Security measures prevent unauthorized access and protect against cyber threats, while backups ensure business continuity by preserving critical data in the event of hardware failure, data corruption, or other unforeseen incidents. Together, they form a defensive shield that keeps home-based businesses resilient and secure.

Be Proactive - Secure Your PCs

No matter how small (or big) a business is, it can fall victim to cybercrime. Did you know human error accounts for 90% of security breaches within home based businesses? Launch IT @ Home offers a robust security suite. Being proactive gives you peace of mind against every vulnerability.

Be Supportive - Help Your Team

Launch IT @ Home treats your home based business with the priority it deserves, delivering elite technology services at a clearly understood level. Take IT management off your plate and put it on ours. Focus on your business with confidence. Let us be an integral part of your team.

Be Agile - Backup Your Data

Consistently backing up data stores is a crucial element of any risk management strategy. Launch IT @ Home considers data the heart of your business and can flex to your needs. Why not guard against disaster BEFORE it occurs, so you can focus on your business growth and continuity?

Be Ready - Are You Equipped for Orbit?

Our @ Home Security and Backup plans are the perfect solution for the small business that needs technology (security, data backups, user support) but doesn’t have the budget for a full in-house IT department.

@ Home Services

From Wi-Fi optimization, device setup, and network security to smart home integration and personal tech consultations, our suite of services ensures that your home technology ecosystem is efficient, secure, and perfectly tailored to your lifestyle. Our team of friendly, experienced IT professionals is just a call away, ready to offer on-site and remote support designed to solve your tech issues promptly and efficiently.

Network Installs

We can install that new router and whole house Wi-Fi system.

Data Recovery

We can’t get them all, but we’re successful a lot of times. Let us recover the data from that drive that just won’t respond before you send it to a data recovery company.

Computer Upgrades

Let us upgrade that hard drive to give you more storage or add memory to allow more multi-tasking!

Computer Migrations

It is all there? Documents, Desktops, Pictures, Browser favorites and saved passwords, email! We can make sure your new PC has everything your old PC had.

Computer Security

Every computer is a potential gateway into the rest of your home or company network. Anti-Virus/EDR products are a must in today’s digital age. Let us keep you safe!

Computer Backups

Stuff happens! Like hard drive failures, lost/stolen laptops, accidents/spills, and ransomware. Protect your data before it’s too late.

Router Replacements/Installs

We love Ubiquiti/Unifi. Let us upgrade your home router with this awesome, secure, efficient router.

Ring Doorbell Installs

Ring introduces a substantial security benefit as homeowners can see and record who approaches their door, even when they’re not home.

Nest Thermostat Installs

Nest thermostats can help keep your home at just the right temperature while also saving energy and lowering your bills over time. All while being controlled from your phone.

Access Point Installs/Setup

Imagine stable Wi-Fi in every corner of your house. It is possible and we can help.

Security Camera Installs

The fact is, burglars and vandals are opportunistic — they tend to target businesses and homes that are most vulnerable. Don’t become a statistic!


We’ve seen it all! We can help find any solution, fix any problem and help you get back to work or play!


A Few Words From People Who Trust Us

Phillip Cox

Our Own Launch Team! The single biggest benefit to our company since using Launch IT is their quick service, and dependability. Better than other IT firms we have worked with, the Launch IT team delivers every time with honesty and reliability. If you are on the fence about choosing them as your IT firm, don’t be! They’re worth it!

Justin Taylor

Signing on with Launch IT Solutions has given me peace of mind and made it possible for me to focus on my job and enjoy more time with my family. Communication and response time are far better with Launch than any other previous IT firm we’ve ever dealt with.