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Introducing @ Home Security Suites! All-in-one packages offering robust endpoint security, advanced encryption, and reliable cloud backup solutions to safeguard your digital life. Choose from one of our custom security/backup packages below.

Total Secure

For the Solopreneur or Home user that needs it all. Antivirus/EDR, Cloud backups, and Endpoint Encryption. 

Security and Backups

Comprehensive endpoint security (Antivirus and EDR) combined with Cloud Backups that protect against viruses, ransomware, hard drive failures, theft, and loss.


Do you have important data on your desktop/laptop? Pictures, taxes, client info, SSN, bank statements, passwords, medical data? If so, you need endpoint encryption. Get your data locked down so no one can access it.

Cloud Backup

Managed Cloud Backups that protect against ransomware, hard drive failures, theft, and loss.

Endpoint Security

Comprehensive managed endpoint security (Antivirus and EDR) that protects against viruses, and ransomware.


Antivirus software provides basic protection by scanning for and removing viruses and malware, but Managed Antivirus goes further by including active monitoring and remediation services. Similarly, while backups simply store data, Managed Backups involve ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure data integrity and swift recovery in case of issues. With our Managed Security Suite, these services are monitored by real people to ensure your data is “actually” being backed up, and your Antivirus is “actually” protecting your PC; remediating errors and alerts that pop up along the way.

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